Wool and Howl Self​-​Titled

by Wool and Howl

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released January 10, 2010

Recorded by Mitch Girio in Slaughterhouse Studio, Toronto.
Produced by Mitch Girio and Wool and Howl.
Mastered by Richard Benoit.

Players: Luke Nares, Mike Kennedy, Dave Lotimer, Bryce Daigle, Jeff Pronko, Jobin Sam, Tim O'Reilly, Britton Allison.



all rights reserved


Wool and Howl Toronto, Ontario

Wool & Howl spans a landscape of folk, indie rock and acoustic soul. This new Toronto/Guelph based collaboration has been honing an intense and engaging live performance while capturing their energy on tape with renowned producer Chris Stringer. Male/female duets, inventive arrangements, group harmonies, and contrasting dynamics all contribute to Wool & Howl’s exciting and diversifying sound. ... more

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Track Name: Statues

Your neck is getting sore
staring down that winding road.
You’ve been standing there for years.
You’re crumbling where you’ve grown,
no statue built of stone,
you're made of flesh and tears.

Draw your cardboard sword
And cut your heavy shadows
To let them go.

Your skin is growing thick
from standing out in the cold
and your eyes are growing wide.
Your head is getting sick.
You'll breathe until your breath won't come.
You’ve seen it all and it’s time.

Let them go.
Track Name: The Cynic's Choir
The Cynic's Choir

In the greatest hall, walled and wired
the cynics gather and start the fire.
Where heavy hands hold heavy heads
with massive mouths and a hollow choir.
Burning books that stories tell,
dripping hearts and wishing wells.
With heavy words the fire swells,
with guilt and fear the ashes sell. 

With my heart in my hand you’ll see what I’ll do.
I’ll build an army of youth and we’ll re-write the truth.
With our hearts in our hands we’ll surround the hall,
Fill the night with song and we’ll kick down the wall! 

And we’re not done kicking yet.
Past the painters and butchers and their blood red roses,
the preachers and believers and their see through armor,
the lovers and the lonely and their aching moans,
the cradles and the coffins and their wailing ghosts,
the bottles and the bottles and the morning mourners,
the dreams and the dust in the hidden corners,
the bullets and the bodies and the fields of flowers,
staying up all night with you on my shoulder.
And we’re not done kicking yet, 
Still Kicking!
Track Name: Ghost Boats
Ghost Boats

Ghost boats are sailing in
the wailing storms never born now needing some time.
Torn wars left behind
are stealing wind and feeding it and they’ll be here tonight
on all sides.  
So be here tonight on all sides. 

I need you on all sides
to sail us on the limbo sun to the promising light.
They’re in our home and in our bed, 
in the shelves where ourselves are books never read.
So please read me and keep me alive on all sides.

The wind has died.
They’re surrounding me.
We are the ghosts we breathe. 
Track Name: Shining Through
Shining Through

I’m digging a hole in my first backyard
deep in the snow to hide.
And I’m laying inside all of my stars
and my broke guitars for you.

I wake up in the blinding dark
haunted by that light in the yard
shining and I still want to be shining.

When our ghost is born, the first of spring
they’ll be a war waiting.
Our love will fight if it tears us apart
and our ghost will sing until morning.

I wake up in the blinding dark
haunted by that light in the yard
shining and I still want to be
shining through.  
Track Name: Fall Into My Place
Fall Into My Place

Fall into your place
and I will fall into my place
so we can lie about what we’re doing there.
Slowly in this place in line
behind the ravens and their crimes
inside this bruised exterior. 
Feel me, back and forth and back and forth. 

Fall into your place
and I will fall into my place
so we can hide this burning ritual.
Slowly in this race we crawl
beneath the vultures and their tired eyes,
skin on skin so raw. 

Feel me, back and forth and back and forth.
Track Name: Sand or Snow
Sand or Snow

I caught myself a bottle of tears from what I told.
Gave it to a beggar with a shovel made of gold.
Ask him for this promise: “When I have grown old
Find me in the city and knock me out cold.

Cut off all my hair and layer me in cloths,
Put me in the bottle and take it to the north 
And in a field of ice break yourself a hole,
Remember what I said and bury me in snow.

And in a hundred years when the earth’s as hot as hell
I’ll climb from my bottle and bang it like a bell.
I’ll sail across the planet telling of the cold,
telling of my story and how I told them so. 
Track Name: Dead Moon
Dead Moon

Come on child raise yourself,
you’re a flightless bird with wings to sell.
Come on child raise yourself
above the smoke where the forest fell.
Come on child praise yourself,
you’re the lion’s mane on a stray so proud.
Come on child praise yourself,
tear up the town and spit it out.
Come on child tame yourself,
you’re a grizzly bear drunk on doubt.
Come on child tame yourself,
you’re a howling heart in the city’s mouth.
Track Name: Pyramids

Our pyramids were built in a day. 
Overtime, overtime and so under paid.
Another modern day.
Skyscrapers will scrape until it bleeds
red rain, red rain on our hands and knees.
Another modern day.

And I ain’t no fortune teller and I ain’t no prophet's son
but I see change is coming
and I see change is near. 

Bread lays on our table still
our greedy claws can’t tears their fill.
Oh no, just throw it away.
Wine drips from our tables still
our drying heart sinks and wilts.
Oh no, just throw it away.

And I ain’t no fortune teller and I ain’t no prophet's son
but I see change is coming
and I see change is near. 
Track Name: Wild Animals
Wild Animals

Don’t protect me from the enemy
in his fine attire, tie and collar.
He don’t respect me but he won’t fight me
in my rags and miles, with my truth gone wild.
We are wild,
we are animal.
Nothing you can say can make me turn away
it’s as real as the cameras shooting the guilty.
Nothing you can do can make me understand
the ignorant vengeance on the innocent.
We are wild,
we are animal.
Fill our bowls with wine,
shake that dusty wool and howl at the sky.
Through this hollow night
and with this wild love we can just survive.